PUSSYCAT AND THE DIRTY JOHNSONS - Sleazy Garage Punkabilly with new song (and dance) "Knee Jerk."

I don't know how to officially explain Pussycat and the Dirty Johnsons to everyone, except they are a refreshing blend of punk rock and old school rockabilly with the dirt and sleaze of 80s rock n roll. They hail from Camden and they've played with everyone from The Damned to The Polecats. Their fourth album, Beast, will be released tomorrow. The first single, Knee Jerk, might sound like a dance but their witty lyrics will explain the truth. The musicianship of the band is impeccable but it is the feisty vocalist Pus Johnson which keeps the audience entertained with her energy and fashion. This band has a huge cult-following, are a ton of fun, and deserve to be known! Listen below and find out more at the link.


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