PULVINAR - Political Grindcore from New Zealand - New Cassette Out Nov 1!

Pulvinar are a 2 piece crustpunk/ grindcore band from Auckland, New Zealand made up of Brian and Liz. Previously they were playing in South Africa as Noxious Terrorstrike , and had to part with their bassist when they immigrated. They had to also change to a 2 piece which impacted their sound.

Influenced from everyone like Bolt Thrower to Axegrind, this duo is sick (in a good way). They share vocal duties, have tons of double bass, blastbeats and the traditional crust punk energy. Once again, this is the kind of band I would love to see play one of the Deathfests. They would be a great fit and a needed representation of both genders.

The 7 track album, Noisomekind, comes out on Cassette November 1st. You can talk a listen on bandcamp, just remember to support the artist!



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