PSYCHIC NURSE - Chicago's Psychedelic Glam Band Featuring the Incredible Riley Valentine Love

Maybe if I left my house besides work and walking the dog, I would have known about Psychic Nurse a lot sooner. In any case, the Chicago four-piece is fronted by an incredible female force named Riley Valentine Love. They describe themselves as "90’s desert rock with a glam twist." Its fitting but I don't think it gives them enough credit. Yes there is the fuzz and the riffs, but the vocals and the musicianship steal the show. They really put together songs that do not sound generic, or repetitive. Many times there isn't a lot of differentiation in "desert rock" or doom, you sometimes wonder who is who. Psychic Nurse is in no way similar to anyone else. The bluesy vocals and well-written lyrics are perfection. Its the guitar breakdowns, the catchy rhythms, and the true rock n roll essence that flows through them. It reminds me of a time when they played actual musicians on the radio and MTV. If that still happened, the world would know about Psychic Nurse. People would actually buy their music and wear their t-shirts. I miss those days but hearing a band like is a reminder that rock n roll isn't dead just yet.

They have 2 songs up on Bandcamp. Follow them, share them. I am genuinely excited about this band. They just might get me to leave my cozy Chicago house.

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