Pre-Order LAURA PALMER'S DEATH PARADE Cassette Out October 19th

Laura Palmer (aka Laura Hopkins), is one busy singer-songwriter. Not only is she is solo artist but she is also in doom/hard rock band Blackwater Holylight. Her other band, Laura Palmer's Death Parade, seems to be her baby though. Don't get me wrong, everything she does is great and you can tell she loves it all, but this project in particular she shines her absolute best. You can't help but notice that she values the friendships with her band members which of course ends up showcased in live performances and band chemistry.

The band has been around for a few years now and are preparing to release the cassette version of their album “Among Us All." HalfShell Records will be doing the release which can be pre-ordered now via bandcamp. The blend of Laura's gorgeous vocal style along with the psych-folk they bang out is refreshing and keeps the listener's ear interested. They have elements of 80's darkwave which makes sense since they did name themselves after the cult David Lynch show Twin Peaks.

Unfortunately in today's music world people as talented as Laura do not get the recognition they should. Lucky for us, these artist are in it for the love of what they do. Rock on Laura. We look forward to hearing more from you and you bands in the future.

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