Post-metallers GUHTS with Devastating Single

NYC-based fearless post-metallers GUHTS (with members of Witchkiss, Bask and Black Mountain Hunger present the devastating second single taken from their self-released debut EP 'blood feather', released August 6 (bandcamp Friday) on CD and digital.

"A grueling post-metal march, the guitars drawing from the crustier, sludgier side of the genre, this massive track paints a picture of why they are a band to keep an eye on." — Everything Is Noise

GUHTS is a New York post-metal band comprising members of Witchkiss, Bask and Black Mountain Hunger, delivering larger-than-life sounds and deeply emotional music, driven by Amber Burns' eerie and tormented vocals. With a sound that is cold as concrete, at times industrial, the foursome will take you on a spine-shivering trip where metal encounters machines, wounded souls meet purgatory. They have only just begun to capture the hearts of the masses.

Listen to GUHTS new single "Handless Maiden"

Vocalist Amber Burns enlightens us about the song theme: "Handless Maiden" is a story I read in the book "Women Who Run With The Wolves" by Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Ph.D. This book is my personal bible, no matter how many times I read these stories, I always learn something new about myself. Handless Maiden is a story that reminds me that no matter how far down the "approved collective way of thinking takes me", like once long ago I believed that giving up my little pieces of myself, a life of creating, basically surrendering my instincts & intuition would make me a "good mother" a "good wife" I lost myself completely for a "grotesque financial marriage". Handless Maiden reminds me: we can master many descents into the underground forest, the underground world of female knowing, a place that lives way below ego... with each descent, caused by pain, loss, heartache, we dive deeper & deeper and come back up even stronger & wiser connected to our intuition and connected to the wild woman that lives inside each and everyone one of us. It reminds me it's ok to go down into the "La Selva Subterranea" over & over, it will be ok. I remember my soul is steel, not glass.'"

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