Pollinator - New Album from CLOUD RAT Coming September 13th!

I've been a huge Cloud Rat fan ever since I saw them perform back in 2011 at an abandoned funeral home. The Michigan punk-grindcore trio is always one of the first names to come up when talking about current hardcore punk bands. Vocalist Madison slays with her feral style and lyrics to make anyone stop and think. These feelings are real raw emotion.

September the band will grace us with their latest release, Pollinator, which I believe will be there fifth full-length. So far we have one track that they have released, Webspinner, which doesn't disappoint. This band never dissapoints. The grindcore mixed with Madison's poetic justice takes the listener to a place where only the black sheeps and true punks of this world can go. It comes out September 13th and is available now for pre-order. https://cloudrat.bandcamp.com/


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