POISONOUS CUNT - London Noise/Crust Punks New Album Out 1.20.20!

When I heard the name "Poisonous Cunt" I was prepared to find the members to be a bunch of douche-bag dudes trying to be a Kvlt as possible. I was SO PLEASANTLY WRONG. In fact, they turned out to be what I was secretly hoping - a D.I.Y. noise/crust extravaganza fronted by a bad-ass women, along with a few other badass-women on instruments (a dude thrown in there for good measure). So, here we are.

I listened to their debut album, Make Me A Sandwich, which is officially released on January 20th via Made In the Meth Lab Records. Fuck, its pretty amazing. In fact, I spent a good part of the evening stalking their socials and watching their YouTube videos. Its experimental, noise, power-violence. Its fast, its ugly, and loud. Its like L7 took a bunch of speed and had a baby with Napalm Death. Just when I thought it couldn't get any better, they throw in a classic hardcore breakdown. If this intrigues you, prepare to have a lady boner cause this band is all of that and more.

This is what I want to listen to when the world is ending, which hopefully is very soon. xo



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