PERIOD BOMB - Insane, Weird, Queer, Punk - Everything We Love!!!!

I am slightly embarrassed I haven't know about Period Bomb sooner. The riot grrl/noise act hails from Miami, Florida. The band consist of "several members" but the one consistent member is Cami Alvarez, the artist behind its conception. A few things you need to know prior to becoming a fan.

1) They sometimes spray menstrual blood on the audience. Is it real? I don't know, but wouldn't put anything past them.

2) They own their own label, in DIY fashion, which is home to weird, noise punk bands. The label, Crass Lips Records, houses artist like Glass Body and Celeste XXX.

3) They have their OWN HOTLINE. 877-577-BOOM

If Punk is defined as not giving a flying fuck what anyone thinks and you do it anyways, then Period Bomb define punk. Their picture should be in the dictionary under the word. They are incredibly supportive of other artist, women, and supportive of the queer, trans culture. Check out their YOUTUBE page. They make little movies, interviews, ect..

Period Bomb = Amazing.

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