OSSUARY - Blackened Death Metal from Wisconsin that YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT.

Ossuary, the death metal trio from Madison Wisconsin is not exactly a "new" band per say. They've released a couple cassettes that have long been sold out and have a huge cult following. Their blend of black metal with traditional old school doom/death metal is actually perfect. No one represents the blend of these two styles quite like they do, so I apologize for not letting you know about them sooner.

The band killed it with their performance at last years Metal Threat Festival. They've shared the stage with legends like Immolation, they have been featured in Revolver, they can't keep their albums in stock. They are just really fucking good.

Featuring Izzi Plunkett who shares vocal and guitar duties, she is a past member of bands such as the short lived Sardonyx, Tiny Daggers, and Pyroklast. Her male counterparts have been members of Jex Thoth so that should tell you how fucking awesome this band is. This isn't half assed new age death metal. This is raw, ugly, sinister, and done the right way. They make the new shitty death metal bands like Gatecreeper and Rivers of Nihil sound like something grandma could listen to.

I love this band and I hope they put out a lot more albums. For now, follow them on Bandcamp and Facebook.



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