One-Woman AMUSEMENT MACHINE Creates haunting dark wave on new album Manipulations.

I am always on the hunt for some good dark wave so when Oakland's one-woman synth album came my way, I knew I had to share. Little is known publicly about the artist herself but we do know she is a California native who is inspired by decaying industrial landscapes and all the haunting emotions one might tie to such an environment. Her first EP, Emulator, was released back in February and gained the attention of Columbia's Body Musick Records. Now with the release of her first full-length, the label is issuing limited vinyl editions which only have about 9 left as I write this.

The combination of her innocent yet ghostly vocals mixed with the goth-rock synth makes for a compelling listen. An emotional ride that at times will make you feel like you are a club kid in the 80s dancing and drinking away depression at the alt club downtown. Fans of the genera don't want to skip this.

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