OMEWENNE - Woes Of A Jilted Bride II (1988 demo). Darkwave, Industrial, Experimental Noise

Fans of the late Rozz Williams may recall the name Omewenne. Rozz was a fan of Omewenne's work and had a hand in getting her released on tape with distributor The Happiest Place on Earth. Today we can rejoice as some of her earlier work is now being released on Bandcamp. She states the recordings are so old that we should listen to them as if they were demos. Even with the quality, the psychological effect her music has on one does not suffer. This work is equivalent to her other releases, showcasing her vocal range and uniqueness.

For people not familiar with Omewenne, she is a true artist of the underground noise/darkwave scene. She has always been known as someone who composes and sings songs from her life's cryptic poetry which are often full of mystery, psychological exploration, the paranormal, and mythos. Her voice ranges several octaves and character.

Her life story is just as interesting and intense as her music and I encourage you all to go on Facebook and read her bio. The Detroit native is now living in the UK and still making music.

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