OLD CITY - New song teams up with Shawna Potter (War On Women) for tribute to punks rabble rousers

"Behind every woman like her will be another one" supportively declares Tr38cho in new song 'Class Act' by Old City - the newest by the pair off the 'Old City EP'. The production is punk-influenced hip hop with Tre rapping over a smooth bass-driven skate punk groove before slam-dance breakdowns take over. The track is a shout-out to all the female & non-binary rabble rousers in the punk and alternative scenes out there starting bands, writing zines, surfing crowds, and throwing firecrackers into the crowded punk-house backyard from the roof above.

Sampling Pennywise's 1997 song 'Society', the song features Shawna Potter from the feminist hardcore band War on Women screaming the hook, with backing vocals from Melissa 'Winter' Hurley from the bands BadXMouth and Pissbath and Nastya Pavlov of the Belarusian band Messed Up!

'Class Act' shines the spotlight on to the strong, independent women we admire and all that they do: overcoming gender adversity to get loud at a show while taking no shit and Old City offers the mic up to those very women. #CelebrateLoudWomen - Old City



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