OLD BLOOD: Pre-Order Acid Doom - New Album from the Los Angeles Psychedelic Doom Circus!

We chatted last year about L.A.'s Old Blood, who at the time was introducing their new vocalist Lynx with the song Bloody Feathers. People always question bands when changing vocalist, and for good reason. They carry the band with their attitude, stage presence, and singing style. Old Blood had a great thing going on with the previous singer so it was not going to be an easy challenge for just anybody.

So this brings us to their new singer Lynx, who isn't just anybody. She has the chops to belt out the deepest doomiest notes or the higher-than-high notes most vocalist will struggle with. She is natural talent. Beyond that she is beautiful and has a unique style which many miss these days when considering stage wear. It is a recipe for the perfect doom-metal storm.

Acid Doom, the new album, is available for pre-order. The single Veinscraper is part psychedelic stoner rock, part doom orchestra, and could easily set the tone for a good Hammer Horror film. If any of those things might interest you, definitely check them out. This band rules.


Twitter: @oldbloodgroup

Facebook: @oldbloodband


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