OIL SPILL - Heavy Black Crushing Metal from Texas. New EP Out Now!

Th recent years has seen more women showing up in extreme music which has been a refreshing change. Oil Spill, the 5-piece black metal band from the conservative state of Texas, is fronted by the force known as Elaine Hubbard. Their new 3-song EP, Ashlands, shows off the bands ability to create a perfect cross-over of crust punk and black metal. It is fast, loud, intense and heavy as fuck. Fans of blackened crust will rejoice as this might be the best thing they've heard from the genera in a long while.

Elaine is basically the perfect vocalist for the music that she fronts. Sounding like a cross between Abbath and a crucified witch, the band completes the feeling of death and decay with their heavy riffs and blast-beats. Its the sound of death and destruction which is basically what is happening in the world right now. Oil Spill fits the soundtrack.

Cassettes of the EP are available from Left Hand Path Tapes. The limited edition which was sold in a Sega Genesis cartridge box has unfortunately sold out, but you can still get the regular tape and the digital download via Bandcamp. This band is crushing and I foresee the big metal dingbats at Decibel and Kerrang catching on pretty soon. This EP has been a wonderful find during my quarantine days, and I look forward to a full-length in the near future.



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