Occult one-woman Black Metal from Ukraine: IESCHURE - Cold Stars Of Eternity EP Out Now

Witchcraft, all things occult, death - these are just some of the macabre topics Lilita Arndt is inspired by in her one-woman project titled Ieschure. This is the second release for the atmospheric black metal act which started back in 2016. The Ukranian musician has previously been a part of Embrace of Hedera as well as lending her vocals to a variety of other musical projects. The two-song EP is titled Cold Stars of Eternity and her cult-following is thrilled. She conveys a very old-school style black metal that also has hints of industrial. Her vocals maintain the classic high-pitch black metal vocals that bands like Immortal have perfected.

Women are taking over. Some of the best black metal I have heard in the past few years has been made by women. If you are a fan of the genera, this is not to be missed. Listen and follow below.




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