NUCLEAR MUTANTS - Political, Anti-Establishment Punk Re-Issued on Cassette!

A World Divided Tapes has done it again. Their dedication to releasing underground, crust punk from the Mediterranean area has been proven time and time again. I was thrilled when I told the world about Sects and Violence cassette release and had a few readers tell me they bought it after hearing it. This is what I live for - promoting bands that deserve it.

Crust punk has always lived an underground life and the bands typically have a short lifespan. So this brings us to the latest release from AWD, the anarcho punks Nuclear Mutants. NM were a crust band from Cyrus who formed in 1996. Fronted by the loud and angry Eva, the band released their 6-song demo titled Welcome to Reality, in 1997. Songs discussing everything from rape to being an outcast show just how much reality is still true today. Luckily, AWD has re-issued this awesome cassette so we can all enjoy this classic punk rock outfit.

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