NIDOROUS - The New Brutal Death Metal Project From Mallika Sundaramurthy!

This week came the exciting news that one of our favorite voices in death metal is releasing a new project. Mallika Sunsaramurthy is no stranger to the genera (Abnormality, Castrator) so we knew whatever she was going to give us would be awesome. She is also a new mom, accomplished artist, record label owner, and bar owner. We were thrilled to hear Nightmare Horror Bar, which she owns, survived the pandemic. We were even more thrilled to hear she has a new band and new music.

Nidorous is the band and they have just released their debut 3-song EP to give us a taste of whats to come. Serge, Malika's husband (Epicardiectomy, Fleshbomb), and drummer Milan (Epicardiectomy) complete the band. The first song they have given us is called Reeking Blistering Repugnant Drippage. The title pretty much sums up 2020 so far, and just like 2020 the song is BRUTAL AS HELL. We mean that as a compliment. This is not for pussies, you've been cautioned.

Of course, we at Hear She Roars love it. It is our civic duty to pass on the rage and fire for those who embrace it. Brutal Death Metal is never for the faint of heart which is why a woman as strong and resilient as Mallika can handle it. Her vocals on the new music sound better than ever and the band is crushing. Very much look forward to a full-length.

Follow the band on Facebook and Bandcamp.

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