New Video from SEIL LIEN for "Kiss Me Like I'm Somebody Else."

When SEIL LIEN reached out and asked if I wanted to share their new video for Kiss Me Like I'm Somebody Else, there was no question! Easily one of the best new artist I have heard in 2020. Her new album, Shatter, has been in constant rotation and makes me feel a comforting loneliness much like the first Sinéad O'Connor album did for me. A true musician, this Scottish singer-songwriter has all the talent to become a big name among people who actually recognize good music. Here she is in her own words about the new single and video:

Kiss Me Like I'm Somebody Else reveals a lot for a song that doesn't say very much.
It's a simple song about the complexities of the masks we wear in relationships at times, pretending to be something we're not in order to fulfil a longing to be desired. Sadly, trying to achieve this can come at a cost and ultimately unpick at the fabric and integrity of who we are purely to attain something we think we need in order to be happy. 

I created the video from small film cuts from the photoshoot ( for the single) to create a dark, dreamlike sequence highlighting the loss of self. I like how the footage comes from an observers perspective and I think it echos the sentiment of the song perfectly. I was really affected by the work of Christian Boltanski in my art school years and as a result I'm often drawn to enlarging images and letting the quality disintegrate - it brings a discomfort, a sadness and a darkness. I did't feel a narrative was important, but that it was essential to capture an emotion that reflects the heart of the song.

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