New TEAM DRESCH Song give100% Proceeds to the Trans Justice Funding Project!

Team Dresch has resurrected themselves as of last year. The Riot Grrrls who helped invent queer-punk released 2 new songs in 2019 but it is there new song, Story of the Earth, that literally feels like it could have been released in the late 80's. This song is SO GOOD. Not surprising from a band who helped create an entire scene and embrace their queerness at a time when it wasn't so popular to do so.

TD will donate 100% of our income from "Story of the Earth" to the Trans Justice Funding Project.

From their Bandcamp: "We center the leadership of trans people organizing around their experiences with racism, economic injustice, transmisogyny, ableism, immigration, incarceration, and other intersecting oppressions."

Story of the Earth feels like a song that time traveled to 2020 from the year 1988; a fast, raw, simple punk rock song, and the newest release from Team Dresch. Story harkens back to more old school Team spirit, closer to something off their first ever releases; it contains the classic dueling harmonies of Bleyle and Wilson, the paced-to-pounce pounding of Marcéo Martinez drums, while their Captain, Donna Dresch, pushes the pulse of the band with her speedy and precise strumming/shredding. The song was originally written back in 2007, the lyrics center around climate change, the newly discovered disorientation of honey bees due to pesticide/herbicide usage (Colony Collapse Disorder), and the cruelty with which the human world has treated each other, our planet and it’s inhabitants. So grab your beverage of choice, listen and feel the rage in the ageof a global pandemic, a global climate disaster, and make the fuck sure to vote Trump out in November and knock down the patriarchal white supremacist capitalist wall of horror, it’s time for justice equity harmony and some goddamn it.  

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