New Music from SHEDFROMTHEBODY - Finland's One-Woman Darkwave!

We've talked about Finland's Shedfromthebody before, and now we finally have a full-length to celebrate. Titled A Dead and Aimless Hum, the record is 11 tracks of pure doom and dark wave that reminds me of a Strawberry Switchblade meets Lingua Ignota. So basically that means its fucking great. We do not know a lot about the mysterious lady named Suvi who is behind the music. Besides being from Finland, and having an incredible voice, she is also the voice behind another project titled 1X4X44R. Shedfromthebody is more vocal and soft-spoken whereas 1X4X44R is more upbeat and industrial-driven (think Skinny Puppy meets Portishead). She also helps create music for online virtual games (I think thats what they are - I am not a gamer so excuse me if I worded that wrong). The point here is she is amazing and you all need to go follow her and listen to this talented female.

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