New Music from Chicago's MIDNIGHT DICE! New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal, Pure Rock N Roll!

For us over here in the U.S., summertime has finally reared its head. The post-pandemic wave of people anxious to leave their house and get outside to enjoy life is abundant. What better of a soundtrack than the pure blistering rock n roll from Chicago's Midnight Dice. The ashes of cult-favorite Satan's Hallow have already given us a few releases (including a split with the rockers Hitter whom I also highly recommend). This time the band outdoes themselves with a new 5-song release titled Hypnotized. Still the same soaring vocals from Mandy Martillo. Still the same hard hitting riffs from Steve Beaudette. The band has solidified themselves as one of the best new-comers in the traditional metal re-resurgence. Dare I say we haven't had a band from Chicago this promising since....Znöwhite. This is classic metal at its finest.

Highly recommend. Bust out your hot-rod and roll down the windows, blare the new album. Thank me later...

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