New Music From Argentina's Doom Ambassadors WICCA. Just in Time for Spooky Season!

We have spoken about Wicca before, the haunting, doom, fuzz-influenced band who hail from the beautiful Buenos Aires, Argentina. We introduced them with their track, The Devil's Hand, which easily became one of my favorite tracks during quarantine. Now, along with that track, we have 2 new songs from the band out now on the new EP "We Sow Your Crop."

Doom fans will be thrilled with the work. I particularly love the track Black Witch, finding it even more heavy that some of their other work. The riffs are heavy, the music is dark, the fuzz is strong. Just in time for the longer days, the colder air, and the feeling of impending doom with our upcoming election. Wicca have the perfect combo of all the elements of a perfect doom project. Can't wait to hear more from them.

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