New Music! Check out some of the latest from GENN, BABY SHAKES, FURIES, EVERLUST, and many more!


Basque's Song of Anhubis will be unleashed their sophomore album "Reversed Reflection" via Rockshots Records on October 23rd, 2020. The band creates a passionate, introspective, intense, and diverse gothic metal that was first introduced to the world on their 2016 debut full length "Revenge As Redemption". Not quite following in the exact musical footsteps of their precursive album, their second record takes a 180-degree turn as it experiments with electronic elements and sounds more akin to rock and metal along with their staple gothic influences.


Popular touring vocalist Jessie Wagner (Lenny Kravitz, Chic, Duran Duran, Little Steven and the Disciples of Soul) and frontwoman for NYC rock/soul band Army of the Underdog has dropped a new single off of her upcoming debut solo album, 'Shoes Droppin.' Of the diverse 11-track album (which she co-wrote mostly with the various musicians who play on them), Jessie says, “It’s exciting to stand alone and see if anyone connects with (it). I’ve had some of these songs with me for years, but I was always waiting for the right time to put them out. It’s scary, because this is my voice, my words, just me. It was cathartic to get out some of that anger and sadness, but there’s also the presence of faith that it will all get better.”


Brighton-based, trans-national, genre-blenders Ġenn have announced the release of a new EP ‘Liminal’ via London independent label Everything Sucks Music (GHUM, Honey Joy, Charmpit) on 30 March 2021. Alongside the announcement  comes the release of its first single ‘23rd March’. Vocalist Leona Farrugia says "When I was writing this song's lyrics, I was thinking about the current political situation… with Covid, Brexit, BLM... The chorus is written in the style of a Maltese expression.... In Malta, when someone is seen as 'evil', there's a tendency to say that you're gonna pray for someone's soul since this particular person needs your prayers to be saved… Very biblical :p”


EVERLUST is a gothic rock / melodic metal band from Riga, Latvia. They music can be described as melancholic and romantic. They sing about love, passion, heartbreak, misery, death. Besides, they are the only active gothic band left in Baltics at the moment with strong influence from bands like Draconian, Theatre of Tragedy, Charon, Paradise Lost, Sentenced, Lacuna Coil, Trees Of Eternity and more.


Canada’s Motion Device have a new music video out for their single “Blindfold It Away”. The single comes from their recent album, “Motion Device IV” (or ‘MDIV’ for short), which was released on September 4, 2020. This is the fourth album from the DIY band who recorded, produced, mixed, and mastered the album by themselves in a studio that was completely crowdfunded by fans around the world. Motion Device says they owe their success so far to their fans and are extremely appreciative of their support through their careers. They expect that fans will enjoy the album and the music video that is being released. With a vision of taking fans on a journey, through their music, they encompass all emotions, happiness, sadness, joy, anger, excitement, “MDIV” is an emotional roller coaster that is easy to connect to.


The efficiency of Hard Rock, the power of HeavyMetal, the spirit of Thrash. This is how we could sum up Furies’s approach and whose first album, to be released at the fall of 2020, will surely aim at the heart and guts of the Metal audience as a whole. The recipe has been proven and we know it works devilishly well. From the hymnic « Voodoo Chains » to more complex and raging « Unleash The Furies », Furies distils a real Heavy Metal method in 10 lessons. No need to reinvent the wheel to make it roll far, fast and right : if the Parisian four-piece cannot deny old school heavy metal masters’s influence (Judas Priest, Iron Maiden), they add a touch of undeniable freshness and a resolutely contemporary production, coming from prestigious Labomatic (Paris) and Domination (Italy) studios.


Baby Shakes formed in 2005 out of a series of encounters at such legendary venues as CBGBs and the Mars Bar. Bonding over a love for The Ramones and The Go Gos, and taking into account The Nerves, early Bangles and Motown girl groups, they soon carved out their own sound, riffing on sizzling guitars and melodic tunes all wrapped up in a Brooklyn sheen. Playing and dressed super sharp with an individual twist on both, they toured relentlessly and produced four LPs plus many singles. Japan and Europe have become second homes to them, with each visit winning new friends and fans. They have even played China. Support slots have included such legends as Iggy Pop, Buzzcocks, Protex, Guided By Voices and of course The Undertones. UK and Ireland dates have gained them a strong word of mouth fan base, especially in London where they had sold out the legendary 100 Club in a set of dates that sadly had to be cancelled due to the Coronavirus pandemic. This is the first of two Dimple Disc label singles, where Brooklyn’s Baby Shakes take tunes from The Undertones’ songwriters Damian O’Neill and Billy Doherty and stamp their imprint all over them. First up, “Sweet’n’Sour (Part 2)” is a reimagining of a key track from Damian’s 2018 solo LP “Refit, Revise, Reprise” transformed from slinky T. Rex to stomping Sweet glam rock pomp. It's coupled with a hectic, barn storming version of Billy’s “Really Really”, previously hiding itself on the B-side of the 1979 Undertones single “Get Over You”.