New Doom/Stoner Comp from Alternative Control: YOTC, Owl Maker, Eye of Nix..

Alternative Control is excited to announce that Seattle heavy music duo Year of the Cobra and UK doom outfit Kurokuma will contribute songs the Volume Doom compilation album, to be released on February 22nd.  The comp will open with YOTC's starkly beautiful track "The Descent" and close on a cliffhanger with Kurokuma's crushing "Dope Rider, Pt. 1."

Spotlighting artists that have been reviewed on the Connecticut-based music blog Alternative Control, Volume Doom features twelve songs representing an array of subgenres under the doom/stoner umbrella.  Blog editor and Owl Maker bassist Jessie May says, "I'm excited to have Connecticut bands alongside those with national and international scopes, and I hope that all the bands on Volume Doom will gain new listeners from being part of this comp!"

Volume Doom Track Listing

1. Year of the Cobra (Seattle, WA) -- The Descent

2. Howling Giant (Nashville, TN) -- The Pioneer

3. Mourn the Light (Norwich, CT) -- Embrace the Darkness

4. Owl Maker (Milford, CT) -- Sky Road

5. Gorge (Tariffville, CT) -- The Great Dying

6. Witching (Philadelphia, PA) -- False Martyr

7. Pinto Graham (New Haven, CT) -- High Flyer

8. Eye of Nix (Seattle, WA) -- Lull

9. 1476 (Salem, MA) -- Winter of Winds

10. Dust Prophet (Manchester, NH) -- Revolutionary Suicide

11. Low Moments (Norwich, CT) -- Plague, Take Me

12. Kurokuma (Sheffield, UK) -- Dope Rider Pt. 1

"Lull" and "Winter of Winds" courtesy of Prophecy Productions.  "The Descent" courtesy of Magnetic Eye Records.

Volume Doom will be available for streaming and digital download through bandcamp.  All proceeds will go towards Alternative Control's website maintenance costs.  Stream teaser track "The Pioneer" by Howling Giant here:

In addition, a limited number of CD copies will be distributed by the participating bands. 

Original Artwork by Jim Clegg.  Promotional fliers by OFNR Studios.  

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Founded in 2010, the Connecticut-based blog Alternative Control covers "metal... and everything else you need to live."  From Arkona to Zeal & Ardor, AltCtrl writers pride themselves on providing thoughtful press coverage for their local music scene and national bands alike.

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