New Album from TAIRRIE B!! Feminenergy Out Now!

Omg what a blessing. Just when you thought nothing good could come from 2020, the one and only Tairrie B has given us a gift. Feminenergy is her surprise new album which sees her returning to her hip hop roots as well as mixing it up with rock and industrial (remember My Ruin? Yeah, she's back!). Tairrie has long been a huge inspiration to me and her outspoken views on the patriarchy and feminism is exactly what women need right now.

For millennials, Tairrie was the first white female rapper and she was signed to Eazy-E's label. If you haven't heard her debut album, Power of a Woman, it blows your Cardi B crap away. From there she went on to form metal bands Manhole and My Ruin which was a natural transition for her. She transitioned fluently to another genre showing just how fierce and talented she is . Oh yeah, and John Waters is a huge fan! Do you need any more evidence of her awesomeness than that?

Tairrie's new album is FREE. Making a donation is always advised, as we want to support the artist as much as we can. Follow her below not only for her music, but for her continued support for women and her dedication to fighting the old white men in office.

All hail the Queen B. She is back!



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