NØ MAN - Ex- Majority Rule Members New Punk Band with Maha Shami - New Song Out Now

NØ MAN came out on the scene with their first album last July and I wish I had listened sooner. Basically, political hardcore band Majority Rule called it a day back in 2004. The three members have now re-surfaced with vocalist Maha Shami to create NØ MAN. MR fans will already know Maha as she was a guest vocalist on "Package Poison" back in 2004. The boys from Majority Rule have expanded their sound. A bit more punk and a bit more progressive. Less emo. More raw and ugly. Exactly what good punk is.

Maha is an aggressive, take-no-prisoners vocalist. You feel her rage when she screams and with the music the band provides, its a perfect mix. If you love punk, hardcore, angry women and music that actually has a message, you will thank me for introducing you to NØ MAN. They have a full-length album they put out in 2018 called Devils Cast Long Shadows. This week they release a new single titled Cut Out that can be purchased on bandcamp or via limited cassette. Give them a listen, a follow, and definitely see them live if the opportunity arises.


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