MYSTIC PRIESTESS - The Queens of Dark Wave Synth are Back with a New EP!

Mystic Priestess could easily have been a band back in 1985, toured with Depeche Mode, Shared magazine covers with Dale Bozzio and ruled the MTV late-night airwaves. The 5-piece from the Bay area are back for their third EP titled Part Time Punk Sessions. The six songs on this release take ethics from old hardcore punk and reinvent them through dark synth that is both danceable and provocative. It is refreshing to hear a band of women and Non-binary members perfect a style that is so beautifully haunting.

I've chosen a song from the EP to showcase both the darkness and the socio-political aspects that make the band so awesome. Listen to No Tomorrow, Only Today below and be sure to check out the rest of their catalog. This is one of those bands that do an amazing job at taking an older style and updating it to fit the current musical climate. Very excited about this one!

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