Movie of the Week: THE ACCUSED (1989)

This week we are going for a drama that is so relevant in today's society that is actually a sad reality. In 1989, Jodie Foster earned herself an Oscar playing a rape victim. She is poor, lives in a trailer, smokes weed and drinks. One night after a fight with her boyfriend she goes to a bar and is gang raped. If that isn't bad enough, other men stood around and watched while cheering the men on. If that still wasn't bad enough, its based on a true story. The film explores the themes of classism, misogyny, Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), slut shaming, victim blaming and women's empowerment.

Jodie Foster is dynamic in the role and so is Kelly McGillis who plays her lawyer. 5 stars from Hear She Roars. FREE on Amazon Prime.

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