Movie of the Week: Ladies and Gentleman The Fabulous Stains

When you have a director that helped create classics such as Rocky Horror Picture Show and Monterey Pop, you can probably assume that his movie about a young teenager turning punk rocker will be good. It is.

Diane Lane stars in this 1982 drama in which she and her sister loose their mother. Driven by a mixture of boredom and grief, the girls become the next big thing when they create a punk band and tour the states. And her eye shadow look!!

Cameos from everyone from a few of the Sex Pistols to the Tubes (playing an almost black metal like band) the music is actually good but its the plot that really keeps the viewer entertained.

The rise and fall of three young girls, the problems of fame, touring, and keeping their shit together. There is something we can all relate to a little. Its definitely worth checking out if you haven't already.

Available on YouTube and amazon prime for $1.99. Sometimes it also pops up on Netflix. Trailer below.

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