MORBID MANDA AND THE MONSTERS - Oakland's Garage-Punkabilly Horror Rock Band - NEW EP

Lets pretend Vampira had a punk band and the backing band was a combination of the Nekromantix and whoever played the organ on the Munster's theme song. If you don't think that sounds like fun, then you can fuck right off.

So here we have Morbid Manda and the Monsters. Their combination of surf-punk, rockabilly, new wave and low-fi garage rock - it's everything us weirdos love. Its catchy and sing-along and most of the songs are literally about monsters and sci-fi stuff. They have just released what I assume is their debut self-titled EP. They have even made their own theme song which kicks off the album. Oakland has been on our radar lately as one of the punk and metal hot spots. This just re-confirms this theory.

This EP rules and my only complaint is that it isn't long enough! More please!

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