2011 was the formation of what has become one of the most notable and requested Black Sabbath tributes. These ladies rule so hard that they were hand picked by Sharon and Ozzy to open the inaugural Ozzfiesta and by Dave Grohl to play Cal Jam with Foo Fighters and Iggy Pop, after which the FooFighters shared photos of Black Sabbitch saying "we were spellbound.” It isn't unusal for the band to sell out their shows and recently Peaches, yes Peaches, sat in as the lead singer for 2 shows in L.A. Also, they focus only on Ozzy-era Sabbath, which is my personal favorite.

Apart from the celeb worship, let us remember that the riff God himself, Toni Iommi, is one the the more difficult guitarist in metal. He invented an entire style with his down-tuning. They are all extremely talented but extra kudos to Emily for representing such an iconic guitar God.

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Black Sabbitch

Angie Scarpa / Drums

Melanie Makaiwi / Bass

Emily Burton / Guitar

Alice Austin / Vocal

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