MONARCH! - France's Doom/Sludge Legends Have Released their collections of Splits on one album!

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

Does Monarch! need an introduction? The sludgy, industrial, doom experts have been giving us albums almost annually since 2002. Based in Bayonne, Nouvelle-Aquitaine, the French five-piece have enough music to get you through an ugly, cold, dark winter and provide the perfect music to aid in your depression.

In the 18 years together, the band has released split albums with the likes of Elysium and Moss, so they finally put all of those together for your listening pleasure. Vocalist Emilie Bresson (a.k.a. Eurogirl) has mastered the art of creating a horror movie through her vocals. Its not for the weak. This band has been doing this longer than many who are now considered leaders of the scene. If you haven't heard Monarch! I hope I have given you inspiration to go listen to their music, which is all finally available on Bandcamp.

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