MIDNIGHT DICE - Chicago Traditional Metal (Ex members of Satan's Hallow) New Music!

I was depressed when I learned that there would be more more Satan's Hallow albums. Mandy Martillo, the incredible singer, was a well needed female force in the metal scene. Luckily, she is back. Along with Rusty, Steve and Jose who were also in Satan's Hallow. Perhaps the band needed a re-fresh and re-brand after parting ways with a few of the other Satan's Hallow members. Fear not, Midnight Dice is just as good if not better. The elements of traditional riffs, classic metal style vocals, and easy to sing with lyrics are going to make them bigger than their previous band. They digitally released a new 3 song EP at the end of March and will soon have that out on limited cassettes from Hoove Child Records. Listen below and follow the band on Facebook!


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