Metastatic Delination from Melbourne's CARCINOID Out Now!

Just in time for the month that celebrates death and horror is the first full-length from Carcinoid. The four-piece death/doom band from Australia features bass player Jess Ainsaar. She is one of the many women currently who are proving death metal isn't just a boys club anymore. This album has been highly anticipated since the band dropped their 2018 Demo which sounded very promising. Fans of that will not be disappointed. Carcinoid has an old-school death/doom sound which is a nice break from the over-produced garbage coming out nowadays. Memento Mori is helping release the album which should tell you its fucking awesome. That label currently houses some of the best death metal that has come out in years (non-female related but check out Ectoplasma and Witch Vomit).

The point is, if you love death metal listen to this album. They are currently on tour in Japan.

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