MESSER CHUPS - Surf and Horror - rock 'n' roll from Saint Petersburg, Russia!

The Messer Chups have been around since 1998, but it wasn't until 2005 they invited bass player Zombierella (Svetlana Nagaeva) to join. Along with guitarist Oleg and drummer Eugene, the trio is an international rockabilly-esq sensation. The main style of the music is surf rock but they also have elements of jazz, electronic, and hard rock. They have the rockabilly look and take inspiration from old horror movies. Many of their tracks are instrumental, but when they decide to use vocals it is the pure vintage rock n roll bliss.

Svetlana is also a member of Tentative Reels, The Bleak Engineers, and The Bone Collectors. She also models and is a DJ. When you see her you will immediately get the Poison Ivy (The Cramps) vibe. Her look is rockabilly punk rock edge. Of course the most important part is that she can play.

The Messer Chups latest release came out in May and feature Throw Rag's Sean Wheeler. Follow the fabulous Zombierella at the links below.

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