Meet Nottingham's MOTHERLESS CHILD - 70's Blues Hard Rock Influenced with Sludge and Grunge

Motherless Child was formed in Nottingham in 2019 by four musos with one common goal: to ram their big riffs and ballsy female vocals down the throat of anyone hungry for the lost sound of proper hard rock.

Each of them threw in contrasting influences from Americana, blues, pop, metal and rock backgrounds and after brewing it up in the studio, emerged with a dirty and delicious new noise. Fusing the classic 70s heavy blues rock sound of Led Zep and AC/DC with the alternative 90s funk metal and sludge rock of Audioslave and Alice In Chains, they added a massive dollop of female warrior with a nod to post-grunge Skunk Anansie.

Led into battle by fearless singer/ songwriter and vocalist Abi Moore at the helm, Andy Proctor drops the beefy guitar riffs with bassist Arron Clarke and drummer Martin Syvret kicking out the relentless groove that, together, drives their traditionally- infused clean sludge sound. Motherless Child make intelligent, classy, British heavy rock with something to say about power, control, lust, anger, greed and pain.

If you like your guitars heavy, your beats loud, your bass pumping and your vocals fully charged, Motherless Child will fulfil all your dietary requirements. 

Eat up. Dinner is served.

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