Meet MOLLYANNA - Rock N Roll/Punk from the UK. New Video out Now!

Mollyanna are not your typical white dude rock n roll. They have 2 awesome females in the band and they play a mix of heavy rock and punk. Lead singer Bernadette Dales describes them as the following:

“We’re not the average angry straight man rock band,” Bernadette says. “We're an angry feminine queer nerdy rock band instead. And I love that. There’s room for so many voices in rock music and I’m really grateful for the platform we have to share ours.”

The four-piece has been making music since 2016. They have a new album coming this fall but for now they have teased us with their new video for the song Bleach. Explaining the inspiration, Bernadette says:

"Bleach is about fucking up so badly there’s no way it could be unfucked. It’s about the dizzying panic and guilt when someone you always thought would be there no longer wants to be a part of your life, and knowing it’s your fault. It’s about feeling their lack of presence beside you so tangibly that it’s suffocating. Their absence is a heavy, intrusive reminder of the worst parts of yourself"

We've all been there! Watch below and check out more with the links.

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