Meet MANGATA - Prog Pop "Lollipop Gospel" from Louisiana!

Mangata is a unique blend of prog rock, blues, pop and soul. Self-described as "lollipop gospel" the Louisana band is fronted by the adorable and quirky Hannah Gilley. Her vocals are reminiscent of Adele and Amy Winehouse and the music itself ranges from indie rock, prog, and even swing. Refreshing, different and fun. In a world of artist which often lack creativity, Mangata is a welcome change from the usual bland pop music heard nowadays. Expect to have a smile on your face when you hear this EP.

The band has announced they will re-issue their last EP, 2018's Hososhi (Self-Released), later in 2020. The expanded edition will include new music, as an introduction to the next era of the band, and eventually, their next full-length album. The self-described “Lollipop Gospel” band from Louisiana are chameleon-like genre blenders, with a unique stage show and captivating presence. The band has one other release, their 2015 debut Vices. Further details about the new version of the Hososhi  EP, including formats, track-listing, and a release date for the music are coming soon. The band is also planning special content across social media in the run-up to the release as well. In the meantime, the current EP is available for purchase and streaming here:

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