Meet EVE LAETITIA from Dutch Metal Band SHUULAK

I'm Eve and I'm the lead-guitarist and co-founder of Shuulak. I'm one of the main songwriters for the band; together with our drummer, Angelo Tower, I'm responsible for our music and I occasionally help out Bastiën with the lyrics and vocal lines for our songs. For our first EP, I've recorded all the bass and guitar parts, as well as the majority of the synths and some vocal parts.

Before and during shows, I'm the tech girl. One of the first things I do when we arrive at a gig, is find the engineer and introduce myself. I'm the only one with a complete overview of our gear. So, it's important they know who to talk to.

I've been musically active since I was six. That's when I got my first instrument, a simple Yamaha PSR keyboard with 99 presets. After fiddling with all the sounds for a while, I one day decided to stick with preset number 01, piano. For all the bells and whistles (and pads, and organs), I found that all those sounds were meaningless on their own, but something magical happened when I played an A-minor third for the first time. Since then, music has been the sole focus of my life.

These days, if you want to be in a band, though, you have to be so much more than just a musician. That's why behind the scenes I'm also our web master and photo and video editor. Thankfully, I'm part of a very go-getter like-minded team. We all have different skills, which allows us to do many things on our own. As such, we do our own booking, promotion, photography, building our own props and creating our own videos.  

SHUULAK is a Dutch Metal band whose otherworldly songs explore man’s obsession with things that would only destroy him. Unfettered by trends and uncompromising in its pursuit of excellence; their music stands as a testament to the undying power of heavy metal.

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