MEEJAH - Danish-Korean experimental noise with strong focus on Asian representation in the West!

Mai Young Øvlisen, who is a Korean adoptee, uses her artistic work to reconnect to her Korean female lineage, like a shamanistic ritual. Along with Daniel Nayberg, and Andreas Isbrandt Løvenskjold, Meejah represents the English word for "Media" and references the artist as a medium - channelling art.

June 18th saw the band release their album "Queen of Spring." The concept album centers around the 8 trigrams in Korean philosophy and taoism:

Fire, Thunder, Mountain, Lake, Water, Earth, Wind, Heaven. Queen Min, Rise (Fire ☲) is the first single.

Mai is also a part of Musikbevægelsen in Denmark - a movement for women and non-binary people in the Danish music industry.

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