MAMA DOOM - New Album Up for pre-order, Listen to "Oh, Lucifer" Now!

Mama Doom, the trio from Newburg New York, have a lot to be celebrating. They are the first U.S. band signed to Sweden's Majestic Mountain Records, and they have a new album being released in late July. The trio, fronted by high priestess D. Lolli, take heavy riffs and bluesy rock n roll and turn them into a beautiful and haunting nightmare that you won't want to wake from.

Ash Bone Skin N Stone is the new album to be released July 23rd. There are a few options in terms of pre-orders, one which is already sold out. Doom fans, as we all know, don't fuck around. They support these amazing artist and are dedicated to supporting them. Listen to the first single now and pre-order info can be found below.

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