London's TUFFRAGETTES - New album "4" from the Queer, Genderbending, Punk Rockers

The Tuffragettes from London are soon releasing their album "4" which will be self-released on their own label, Grrrlfiend Records. This is the follow-up to their album "5" which focused around queer identity and communities. Tuffragettes are an outspoken, take-no-shit, punk rock band that have elements of hip hop, chill pop, surf punk and street punk. Topics of the new album focus on class divides, traumas, and the feelings that arise when being in a new relationship.

Tuffragettes are an important band for our time, especially for the queer/trans communities. For a community who may already feel outcasted, the band has an incredible way of translating the situations and feelings that many can relate to. They are also a slap in the face to people who aren't aware of the struggles and hurdles the Queer/Trans community faces. Listening to their messages can teach others what some go through.

"4" is a different record than "5" but it is filled with the new experiences and rage that the band turned into musical art. The lyrics are great, the music is great, and this is a band that people should know about.

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