LIFECRUSHER - Hardcore from Switzerland New Album Out Now!

I love metal but there is something about hardcore and punk rock that has always been much more open to women being in bands. Lifecrusher, the hardcore punk band from Switzerland, are just one of these bands that showcase the dynamic of that genera with the gender. Led by vocalist Rani Hurricane and a kick ass drummer, Julia, they represent old school hardcore punk the way it was meant to be: Fast and Aggressive.

Fresh off a performance at Resistance Fest, and gearing up for one at September's Noise Annoy's Hardcore Punk fest, the band is sharing the stage with some of hardcore's biggest legends. The band just released their self titled follow up album to their 2018 Demo. I know I sound old but I do love seeing young women (and men) carrying the hardcore banner and embracing the old school, DIY ethics I was brought up seeing in the scene. Check out the hardcore anthem "Girls to the Front" below. I included the lyrics with this one.

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Telling me how to dress telling me how to act i'm sick of your bullshit your opinions, i reject.

i've been fighting for too long won't let you drag me down.

we won't take it any longer stand up for ourselves take your toxic attitude shove it up your fucking ass.

keep your mouth shut no need for your presence we can do this ourselves no need for acceptance.

you have the power to change the world let me hear you scream make our voice heard,

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