LESLIE HARDY: Hole,Kill Sybil, Juned, Muder City Devils

Keyboardist, organist, bass player. Leslie Hardy's contributions need more praise and acknowledgement.

For a few months in 1992, Detroit native Leslie Hardy was flown to Seattle to become the bass player for Courtney Love's band Hole. Legend has it Courtney didn't think Hardy had "what it took" to be in Hole, so she was released. Hardy then went to play bass for a short period with the band Kill Sybil before eventually forming the indie band Juned. Juned had minor success thanks in part to relentless touring and having mighty Sub-Pop records support their albums. They called in quits in 1996 but many still reference them as one of the best bands of that era.

Hardy found even bigger success when she was asked to join Murder City Devils in 1999 as their organist/keyboard player. She’s Since recorded multiple albums with Murder City Devils and, as Leslie recalls, “toured too many times to list.” She continues to perform and record with them.

In 2012 Leslie also joined Matt Skiba and the Sekrets playing keyboards for his 2012 US tour.

We often forget about the women who don't play a major known instrument or sing, yet what they do contribute is usually irreplaceable. From bass to organist, Leslie Hardy is sure to be remembered as a women who played with some of the best bands around in the 1990's and 2000's. And if anything else, she survived playing in a band with Courtney Love.

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