Korea's SLANT (Hardcore Punk) Release NEW 7" From IRON LUNG RECORDS

February 2018 saw the first demo from Korea's Slant, the "super group" hardcore punk band from Seoul.

Featuring members of Bloodkrow Butcher and Scumraid, Male Nurses and Zipperhead. The Korean pressing sold out almost immediately. Thankfully Headcount Records had pressed 100 copies for us Americans.

Last month, Iron Lung records announced that they will be releasing a new 7" from the band titled "Vain Attempt." You can preview a song below and check out their page to pre-order. The band might be summed up best by their review from Gore In Gore Out records:

The band delivers hardcorepunk straight-to-point attacks, sneaky, consistent and gliding hardcorepunk types, by forming volumes from vibrant, charismatic and decisive female vocals, neatly regulated and fast-controlled instruments. The role of the drums that has always changed their music draft from 1 phase into more optimistic, efficient and aggressive phase in full control.

Slant features Yeji on vocals, the pint sized fierce woman who is belting out all this rage.

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