Joy Ygramul (InVitro,Dragnet) has out a new solo project: ABIGEATUM - Death/Doom Metal from Italy!

Quarantine has awoken a lot of creative juices and Italy's Joy Ygramul has taken advantage. Joy is currently a member of the death metal band InVitro and the grindcore band Dragnet. She was also previously in DOMS. She has used her unplanned downtime to create Abigeatum, her new solo project. The The songs are all written and composed by her, she played guitar and bass, programmed the drums, wrote the lyrics and sang all of them except for "Bichos Raros" which is done by Pavel Ahtoh Sudoplatov from Crisis Benoi.

Fans of doom, thrash and death metal will enjoy the 6-tracks which show Joy's immense talent as a musician and a vocalist. The album is available now on bandcamp. Special thanks for Sam from Ferum for introducing me to this!

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