Well before Stevie Nicks came out singing about witches and wearing black lace, we had Jinx Daswon fronting the band Coven. Forming in the mid 1960's in Chicago, the band sang about all things occult, satanism and had a black sabbath esq sound (Toni Iomi has stated for several years what a big Coven fan he is). Coven even have a song titled Black Sabbath which was a tribute to the movie not the band.

The band never hit the success level they should have, but they certainly left their mark. Jinx influence is evident in currents bands like Lucifer and Ruby the Hatchet. Today she still plays once in a while with one of the numerous lineup changes that have happened throughout the years.

If you are new to the band, check out the album Witchcraft. Vintage clip of the band performing in 1969 is below.

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