Japanese Noise Duo: FAITH OV GESTALGT! New Noise Available Now!

The band is made up of two women, Kasane and Kokujya, who most recently dressed up as geishas for their live show. Kasane screams while Kokujya plays various instruments that create the noise. their newest song translates to something like “fairy-tale funeral” or at least that’s what google translate told me. The duo have several live videos on their YouTube page that I highly recommend. Seeing noise performances live is the true way to enjoy this apocalyptic madness.

The duo hails from Nagoya, which is a cultural mecca. They have been described as blacked metal noise, but I feel like there is more noise influence than black metal. The unique and not-giving-a-fuck attitude of these women deserve to be highlighted. Be sure to check out their split with Graveyard. Their new song is below but make your way to their YouTube and Bandcamp. 楽しい (Enjoy!)



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