In Case You Missed It: BASTET - Darkwave Synth, Post-Punk from Oakland, Ca - New song

In case you missed it, Oakland's Bastet released a new song back in February titled Instar. I say in cased you missed it because between quarantine and social unrest, music hasn't been many people's priority. To recap, Bastet is a 5-piece all female synth-goth rock band. The members are diverse, talented, and style icons. Their songs bring back memories of bands like My Ruin and early Strawberry Switchblade. If those are your jams, you need Bastet in your life.

If you love Instar, then you definitely need to hear their 2019 EP titled Lucid Duality. The 7-song EP is like a step into a time machine. Like being in 1981 in England (or at least what I imagine it was like). The post-punk goth sound was emerging and it was an exciting time in music. Not many bands can fully grasp the retro-sound as well as Bastet does. They have a cult following and I can easily see why.

I've been getting more and more into current darkwave bands during quarantine. Bastet is one of the best ones out there. Patricia Morrison would fit right in.

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