ILSKA - Swedish Hardcore Punk "Live from the Void" Out Now!

There is something so unfair about how awesome Sweden is, and this is especially true when it comes to their music. Some of the best music and most inspiring weird shit comes from there. So this is my intro to Ilska, the Swedish hardcore punks who have mastered all of this and more.

The first release the band had was a 2018 demo and followed in 2019 with a 7 track album. Both of these releases were limited on cassette and have since been sold out. Now they have released "Live from the Void" which is a semi-live 6 track EP. Fans of other hardcore punk acts like Purple-X or Decraneo will most certinally enjoy the fast paced and socially conscience Ilska.

They have played shows with other HSR favorites like Acid Blood and Desire and her Drunks.

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